B:Protein (Original Flavor)

B:Protein is a premium nutrition beverage suitable for people of all age, from children to the elderly, from vegan to body builders.

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Enrich Your Life with B:Protein

The Fundamental Of Life

Protein is an important component of all cells, tissues and organs of the human body. There are many different types of proteins in the human body, with different properties and functions. In total, there are about 30,000 different types of proteins. But they are composed of 20 Amino acids (Amino acid) in adifferent proportions and are constantly metabolized, renewed and repaired in the body.

Generally speaking, protein accounts for about 16%~20% of the total mass of the human body. For example, a 50kg adult has about 8~10kg of protein in his body. Since 9 of the 20 kinds of amino acids are not synthesized in the body, the intake of high quality protein becomes the essential nutrition in health care.