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    Bcleen Dish Wash

    The high degreasing power of b-cleen concentrated dish wash helps you save a lot more! Single drop of the dish wash enables you to clean all the stains, oil, grease and bacteria on your utensils. Moreover, it does not harm your hands!

  • Bcleen Floor Cleaner

    Added with tea tree oil, b-cleen concentrated floor cleaner is the perfect tool you could ever have for floor cleaning. Not only giving you a smooth and clean floor, tea tree oil also serves as the antibacterial agent, keeping your floor save from germs. Besides, it leaves a long-lasting refreshing smell too!

  • Bcleen OXYCARE – Concentrated Laundry Powder


    With the latest technology, b-cleen concentrated laundry detergent provides you the most effective laundry experience, ensuring your fabrics look and feel like new always. Save more with the high efficiency formula!